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The goal

My focus is on creating something inviting or interactive for the viewer. This focus evolved from my views about the current state of the modern world.


The modern world is disconnecting itself from nature and is being overrun by the immense destructive force of humankind, not for the good of the earth, and certainly not for the good of us. We are actively destroying our home planet while we are still standing on it. We want to correct our mistakes by becoming ‘sustainable’, but because we must keep our global economy on track, this is a good but impossible goal. Products must be sold so that money can keep rolling. There are plenty of things that can be made a point about on this subject, such as the world's population continuing to increase, etc. But this does not matter.


I believe that the world will never change to a "sustainable" society in which we can continue to live without having to experience bad consequences from the damage that we have already caused, and still will cause in the future unless there is a good healthy worldwide society that will emerge.


Unfortunately, that is a not-too-realistic assumption.


The best thing we can do as humans is to try to put our problems and disagreements on the table and try to solve them through some good, forgiving, and open-minded communication while putting our power-driven hierarchy to the side. If this does not come out to be a permanent solution to the destruction of the earth, we can at least make life a bit more tolerable for each other.


That is my goal. To be open to everyone, especially the ones you disagree with. Put your own story next to theirs, so you can come up with a new and better story from both parties combined.


I like to express this goal by making the viewer feel involved in my work, but more importantly also in life. I want people to take my view and have them carry it with them. I want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone, be more proactive, do more, be more social, make new connections, (no matter the gender, beliefs, sexuality, or ethnicity), stay curious, and explore more. All, so you can be able to form your own opinion based on a sturdier and more complete view of your world.


I try to achieve this in my work by inviting my viewers to come closer or to take a step back and look, to be curious about what is still to be seen while making them understand that what they see is a personal reflection of their creativity. and that by sharing this reflection with others you can create a broader sense of what there is to be seen in my pieces.


Communication is key.

Future of art and design

behang mogelijkheid.png

Many people who focus on art as a hobby or profession try to create some sort of identity in their work, something in which they ultimately want to be recognized. People mold themselves to a final style that must encompass them as an artist. I reject this concept; it should not be important that you have a particular technique that you are comfortable working with. You throw yourself into this creative block, wherein you will unknowingly keep yourself between your set lines which will keep you from being creative and drives you to a point of just being good at your craft. I am not saying that art should not be of high quality, I want to emphasize that the concepts are of more importance than the craftmanship.


I believe that art and creative work in general should reflect the creative mind. That is where the emphasis should be placed. You must want to make autonomous work from your ideas, and only then start looking at how you could display this in the best way.


Besides this being my view on how we as artists should create art, this might also be something of interest to artists in the future who want to continue performing their profession.

The world is being taken over by artificial intelligence, including the art world with programs like DALL-E.

We are already able to type words into a search bar containing what we want to see, and the

AI-programme creates infinite works of art based on these sentences. Not only that, but we can also make the computer display a desired image in the style of a particular artist. We are even able to have new variants made of these photos by adding our photos to the AI program ourselves.


Concluding style is replaceable, and the style-based artist becomes redundant. After the artist has made several works, the computer can already devise an infinite number of variants based on pictures of already existing work. AI evolves personal style-based artists into commercial stylists who only have to click on their favorite preselected images (which are made up of already existing things).


Style can already be adopted and will become less and less important in the art world, but creativity is still irreplaceable by computers and advantages our true creative potential.


My vision is;

-Be as creative as possible in as many areas as possible.

-Be diverse in your creativity.

-But above all, reject style and choose a purpose in your work.

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