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Character inspector

Character inspector is my reflection on how we should communicate with each other.


The concept of this piece is to display a random plain individual on whom you form your opinion based on your own biases. Everyone does this to some extent, which is not a weird thing since it is an adapted survival instinct that we had to utilize during our evolution. even though it is not weird, it is a shame, because we are missing out on all colors that form his/her plain white.

The point I am trying to get across is that we should discourage ourselves from judging others based on the made-up biases we can put on them as the white canvasses they still are to you. Instead, we should look at the colors that formed his/her white construction by showing interest and looking at what this individual truly is.


Putting all his/her colors together will form his/her white which will shine when being recognized and accepted. 

Inspections front

Inspections side

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