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This piece is a product of my research of Bart Hess.  one of his goals in his work is to combine horror and beauty, (making the horror into something beautiful). I really liked this concept because it shows the importance of combining two absolute abstracts. I felt like this was a good concept to incorporate into my own work.

I went to looking for a material that was seen as waste or something ugly, I wanted to morph this material into something beautiful, while preserving it's function as a chair, (keeping it strong and sturdy). I ended up with using blue and see-through plastic trash bags.


The other key aspect of Bart Hess is that he tries not to focus on what sort of sleeve he can create for the human body with his materials in fashion design, he wants to make it so that his materials will adapt to the person wearing them. his concepts are formed around the subject wearing his design, instead of just creating his own piece which can be worn in the same way by everyone.


For that reason, I chose not to create one specific form of the chair. Instead, I chose to form my concept around all different types of chairs, as  a reference to the diverse spectrum of human bodies Bart Hess has to work with. For this reason I am not able to know what the product will eventually look like because the material forms and adapts to the structure of the chair that I am working with. It is not like I have no control, I can steer the outcome but the shape is a conclusion of my canvas.


The chair shows an alien-like structure with lots of dynamic movement. The material comes to its full potential whilst it is not showing its true nature. The form of the chair is curated by not only me, mostly by the structure underneath. This represents a visualisation of the communication between material and canvas.


This first version was made whilst working on my bachelor in product design.



the work can be created in all sizes, shapes and forms.

Interested but don't like this exact colour/model?..

other options are debatable contact for the possibilities


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