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I.I.R. (Intrensic Intrest Rewarder)

With this project, I want to show people the value of having a personal interest, especially in the things that will not seem interesting at first. Having a general curiosity about things will reward you with new insights and information no matter the subject. These insights and information don’t need to be impactful but will leave you with a better understanding of your environment. Consciously being curious is something rewarding and should be addressed more. For that reason, I made an object that does not seem like anything, in the hope that my audience would want to understand it from within their own created interest. After giving it time and attention, the work will reward you with its contents.


The reason for the mirror is to show the foundation for understanding your consciousness and becoming more aware of yourself and what your interests are. Learning to be more engaged and conscious is to look at yourself and ask questions like; What is it that I want? What is it that interests me? What matters to me? et cetera. It all starts with yourself. That is why I want you as the individual to control the outcome of this piece.

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