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Come closer

The project started with researching an interesting new material, which in this case was a typex roller. I chose this material because I noticed that it not only blanks out a piece of text but also puts a thin layer of material on top of your surface.


First I made a portrait on canvas. Then created a textured image over it with typex rollers. This left the portrait with a thin texture that shows the formation of the face.


I then chose to color the piece with a one-colored shiny finish so that you can’t see the portrait without looking at the texture left by the typex. This makes it so that you have to look at the piece from different angles and come closer to see what is going on. At first, you won’t see anything but a single color, but after you show your interest, and connect to the work you will see its full appearance.


Besides void, I created a series of portraits in primary colors that all have their distinguishable looks.

These artworks are made on small 3D portrait canvasses of 34 x 40

the works come along with their unique frame that accentuates the piece.

Interested but don't like the sizing?..

other options are debatable

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