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Shredded pallet

Shredded pallet is a concept I created because I was fascinated with layers of paint that pile up on graffiti walls. Every year the walls get thicker and thicker while they are constantly changing their appearance.  Graffiti artists compose their murals over someone else’s and form a completely new feeling to the surrounding landscape. 


The graffiti wall for my inspiration was the wall of the old skatepark in Tilburg. Next to the wall, there was a small football field I used to play at as a little kid.


When it got hotter outside, there would be pieces of paint that crumbled off the wall because the heat made the paint dry out. The pieces that crumbled off were not like the thin layers of paint that were separately sprayed on but like small rocks made up of many, many layers.


Years later this made me realize that this material has lots of potentials. I created a concept where I wanted to find out what would happen if could create a mural by shaping it out of the already existing murals underneath.


Shredded pallet became an abstract artwork where I tried to define an as much organic and nature-like composition with movement in all directions. and fitted my main goal well. I want people to let their creativity take the lead and let them create their personal reflection by finding your connection to the piece.


The pieces are constructed with 4 sets of mounting systems, which enables you as the owner to change the composition of the artwork by just hanging it differently. By doing this, the artwork shows more hidden features that would otherwise not be seen. In this case, you can change your perspective and view on the work by interacting with it.

Shaved oak.jpg

the work can be created in all sizes and is meant to be hung from all four angles.

Not only because it’s cool, but to not get sick of the piece. If you turn the work 90 degrees, you have created a completely new landscape by just interacting with the work. It makes the work feel new and gives you a new chapter of interest points to look at.

The series is made in a sizing of 100cm x 100cm on aluminum

Interested but don't like the sizing?..

other options are debatable


Art-088 Groot.jpeg

Shaved oak


Floral Frenzy

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